Lifegroups (Women)

Smaller settings.  Greater depth.


With 200-250 faces filling the room on any given Thursday Night Cru, it can feel easy to get lost in a sea of faces. You might wonder if anyone notices you, if Cru is really all it’s cracked up to be, or if God actually has anything to offer you. We created Cru Lifegroups because everyone that has gone before you has wondered the very same things! These are the wrestlings of everyone’s soul… “Am I noticed? Is this worth it? Does God care about me?”

Cru Lifegroups were created for individuals to be noticed, for real friendship to develop, and for you to get the opportunity to experience God.  Cru Lifegroups consist of between 8-12 women, gathering together as friends, who want to explore life together.  We’ll search the Bible together, we’ll put wagers on the Cinnamon Challenge together, we’ll pray for one another, and we’ll ask each other about the sorts of questions that keep us awake at night. If you’re wanting more out of college, we suggest you try a Cru Lifegroup — we think you’ll find laughter that heals your soul and real people trying to figure out all of life’s real issues, together.

Find out where a Lifegroup is meeting near you! Bring your friends, we think you’ll have a blast!

If you have any questions, feel free to use the links below to contact a Lifegroup leader!




Rachel Thornsberry

Monica Yost

Yaciri Gonzales

Kelsie Silver

Hope Strobel

Rebecca Queen

Erin Holt



Founders + Kohl (at Founders)


Tiffany Howard (Founders)

Victoria Housemeyer

Hannah Ryan

Grace Fischbach (Kohl)

Mary Russell

Becca Simpson

Becky Schneider



Liz Sampson

Emma Wirtz

Alicia Bloomster



Lauren Tibbs

Adri Brown

Jessica Jimison

Laneisha Pickens



Megan Stannard

Maddie Brown

Greta Brubaker

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