What We Do


It’s kinda like a late-night show.  Think: Jimmy Fallon.  Without The Roots.  We’ll have a host and his/her hilarious monologue.  BG students will play ridiculous — perhaps, embarrassing — games.  A speaker will offer his/her challenging thoughts on anything from faith, God, spirituality — to — roommate relationships, dating, culture, and current events.

Sometimes, Freddy & Frieda even find themselves making an appearance to Cru Thursday Nights.

Cru Thursday Nights.  It’s all happening here.


Smaller settings.  Greater depth.

On a typical Thursday Night Cru, 200-250 faces fill the room.  It can be easy to feel lost in a sea of faces.  And you may find yourself thinking, “I want to connect more deeply with the people around me here.”

Well, that’s why Cru Lifegroups were created!  Cru Lifegroups consist of between 8-12 people, gathering together as friends, who want to explore life together.  We’ll search the Bible together, we’ll put wagers on the Cinnamon Challenge together, we’ll pray for one another, and we’ll ask each other about the sorts of questions that keep us awake at night.

Lifegroups take place all over campus.  Check out the locations & times here.



10AM || Olscamp 101

Abandoning church is true of over 70% of college students who grow up going to church with their family.  As Cru, we are bummed by this fact.  While we believe your spiritual journey is your own to discover in college, we also believe that the church is advantageous in seeking answers.  Therefore, we have partnered up with a local church to help students continue their spiritual journey and maturity.  Brookside Church is a community continuing to learn how to love God and others in word and action.  Brookside is a community committed to moving closer to Jesus Christ and to one another.  As well as a people seeking to be a blessing to the Bowling Green community and beyond.  Check out Brookside here: http://www.brooksidechurch.net/.


8PM || Fridays || Monthly

Exams.  Roommates problems.  Financial crunches.  Girlfriend fights.  And hurt feelings.  All these can happen in the course of just one month.  And life begins to feel hard.  Maybe harder than you ever thought it could be.

Because sometimes life can feel like a desert or a war zone, Cru has created Oasis.  A fountain for the weary; a refuge for the downtrodden.

We’ll worship together, we’ll love one another deeply, we’ll learn about the deeper things of God’s heart, and — most of all — we will simply be together.

Fridays.  8PM.  Once a month.
Check out our calendar to find out current dates.

Opportunities.  Endless.

We care deeply about Bowling Green State University.  And we care deeply for the whole world around us.  We care about the poor in Detroit, we care about the thirsty in Africa, and we care about human trafficking in Asia.

BGSU Cru doesn’t just stop at BGSU — but we reach our hands out to the whole world.  We want to change the world.

Offering leadership skills, BGSU campus involvement, international Spring Break trips,  global Summer Projects, full-time internships, living overseas for a year, and restoring the poor and the broken.

There are literally endless opportunities for BGSU students who find themselves involved with Cru.  Opportunities to help you grow spiritually, mentally, and relationally.  We are here to help you change the world.


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