Getting Involved

Getting involved with Cru is easy!  The great thing about getting involved with Cru… you set your pace!  You can do as much or as little with Cru as you see fit for your time at BGSU.  This is your story and your journey!

If you’re looking to get involved, here are the top 5 easiest ways to do so!


  1. Check out a Thursday Night Cru.
    Rain or shine, we meet every Thursday Night at 9PM in Olscamp Hall.  You’ll meet over 200 people just like you looking to meet new friends on campus and be challenged during their time in college.
  2. Show up at Lifegroup near your residence hall.
    Every week in resident halls all over campus, Cru is meeting in small groups to talk about life, culture, God, and anything in between.  It’s between 10-20 people looking to connect with other people around campus on the deeper things of life.  It’s a great place to ask spiritual questions, wrestle deeply with things you don’t understand, and tee up conversations that matter to you.  Check out Lifegroups for times and locations.
  3. Get to one of Cru’s retreats or conferences. 
    Want to deepen your involvement or connection with Cru?  The easiest and best way to do that is to come with us to a conference or retreat!  There’s Cru Fall Retreat in September, Winter Conference in December, Men’s and Women’s Weekend in February, and a host of other conferences Cru hosts.  It’s a surefire way to increase your involvement with us!
  4. Hang with Cru’s people at a party or event on the weekend(s).
    Looking for something to do?  Cru has TONS going on different nights and weekends throughout the semester.  There’s the house party in August, BW3’s on Thursdays after Cru, Capture the Flag in April, and a million other things in between.  This is the easiest way to meet people and make new friends on campus.  Keep up to date on our Facebook page or the Calendar.
  5. Ask our student’s already involved.
    Don’t take our word for it, talk to the student’s who have already done all of these things! They’d love to tell you their story and might even take you out to coffee or lunch to do it. Ask them about their favorite parts of Cru and don’t be shy about being new. We love inviting people into this crazy journey we call life and I bet our students will tell you the same!


Looking for more info and ways to connect? Fill out our contact form, email Nick (he’s the guy in charge around here) directly for more information, OR check out our social media pages and message us through there! We would genuinely love to hear from you and help you get plugged into Cru and this awesome community!

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