Cru Staff & Mentors

Mentors, coaches, teachers, friends — call Cru Staff whatever you will.  All Cru Staff knows is they love college students and have chosen to devote many hours of their day to developing them into the sort of men and women university students want to become.


Cru Staff have a firm belief that university students will one day change the world — that’s you.  You are a world changer.  The future of the world hangs in the balance of college students.  Along with your professors, families, and other influential voices, we want to help come alongside you and develop you into strong men and women who will, one day, be the leaders of the world.  We’ll walk alongside you, wherever you are in your own journey, and help you think through what you believe about faith, God, spirituality, and the questions you might have.  We’re also pretty good at relationship advice and other “life” stuff, too. We’ve all been in your shoes and are excited for the chance to be along for the ride!


Connect with any of us by clicking on our names below — we’d love to connect with you over coffee (or ice cream, if coffee’s not your thing) anytime.

Cru Staff & Mentors:

Nick (director) & Ali Gillispie

Gillispie family photo

Grace Fischbach


Liz Sampson 


Lauren Tibbs


Tiffany Howard


Tyler and Marion Bock

Bock family photo

Michael and Allie Wenig

Wenig photo

Dominic Badea

Dom photo

Eli Edwards

Eli Photo

Mary Singer 

Mary2 photo

Robert and Jenni McMahan


Sam and Ann Schmitt

Schmitt's photo

Rob and Amy Seiffert

Seiffert family photo

Tim Butler


Michael and Teresa Brown

Brown2 family photo

Adam and Kala Barcus

Barcus family photo

Christie Fair


Kelsie Silver

Kelsie photo


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