Nate Glaze

Trusting God is perhaps a very scary life choice. You are giving up control over your life for trust in the almighty God of the universe. Trusting that He knows what is best and will work all things in your life for good and to bring glory to him.

I came to know Christ at a young age and growing up thought I knew what it meant to follow Him. I went to church every week, prayed occasionally, and tithed. However, I was not trusting God with the events and plans for my life. I thought that I knew what was best for my life and if God wanted me to change what I was doing, I would be okay with and change right away. This was not how I actually acted when God asked me to change.

I was with my girlfriend of three years and over the past year God kept using situations and friends and family to try and get me to understand that by being with my girlfriend I was not living life to the fullest through God. I kept ignoring and shutting out my friends and family’s advice. I thought I knew what was best for my life and that God didn’t really know what was best. I could not see that God would want me to part ways with my girlfriend who I had been with much of my college years and through several major life events. Included in these life events was the death of my grandpa, who I was very close to. Throughout our relationship, I prayed that God would show me the right thing to do according to Him. Over the summer, He showed me what I needed to do, I simply was too scared of failing both my girlfriend and myself. About one third of the way through Fall Semester, I went home for two days to surprise my girlfriend. At the end of the first day, we got into a fight and I knew within my entire being that in that moment God was telling me that now was the time to take a huge leap of faith and trust that He does know the best and he does want the best for my girlfriend and myself. The next day before I left to come back to BG, we both agreed that it would be best if we parted ways. I got in my car to drive back to BG and as the emotions started to fill me God reached down and placed His perfect peace within me. God does not allow us to go through trials in life without his help.

The rest of the semester was difficult, however. I have learned that I as a human cannot comprehend the perfect plan of God. I have grown closer to him in the past several months than in my whole life leading up to that point. I have started learning how to become a Godly leader, not only within a relationship context, but within any context. God used my stubbornness and not trusting Him with the events and happenings of my life to bring my closer to Him than ever before. I now want to and look forward to going to church, I have realized that praying does not have to only be at meal times, but is simply a conversation with God and can happen at any time. I am looking forward to working over the summer so that I and give back to God cheerfully.

I no longer doubt that God knows best and because I am open to hearing God, when he prompts

me to do or say something, I do it without hesitation. I have seen the awesome power of God and He always knows what is best and will work all things in your life for good and to bring glory to him. You must make the difficult decision to Trust Him.

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