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Well, hey there! You’ve come across the title of this article, and are either curious, amused, confused, or a mix of all three. Well, I’m just an average person, like you. And you’re not alone because I’ve felt a mix of all those feelings, plus more, when I first learned about who Jesus Christ really was, and what that means for my life today. I hope you find something of value you can apply to your own life.

God is awesome. But I didn’t really realize and understand this until I got to college. See, I had grown up in the church. At that time, I sort of knew that there was this ultimate being that required the whole family to go to church every Sunday, and perform the same, monotonous rituals every time in order to get on His good side, instead of just sleeping in. This same dude required us to participate in vacation bible school every summer, PSR, or a kind of bible study every Monday, and just about every kind of thing you could think that had to do with the church.  I didn’t mind doing these things most of the time, but I didn’t really know the real reason behind why I was doing it all. Looking back, my life throughout elementary, middle, and high school, was being a busy body, and joining as many clubs, and groups as possible, in order to please who I thought I had to please; my parents. This was a major source of stress and anxiety.  However, in those moments I wouldn’t stop to breathe, or slow down. I would literally charge my own way through life.

Until I came to college.

I applied and got accepted into BGSU. I decided that was the next logical step for a kid like me to do, so I went. The first week was difficult, just because it was mainly a really big change. I went to as many different clubs and activity meetings as I could find that first week. One that really stuck out to me was Cru. The people were so welcoming and kind. It was a new and weird experience, and I felt like it could really be good. God was drawing me near to Him the whole time. I first really came to Christ my freshman year when I built up the courage to go to the spring break trip in Panama City Beach, Florida. On that trip, I really met Him for the first time on the last day of the conference. The retreat was a big concert the whole time, and I was honestly just winging it, not really knowing what God had prepared me for. That last day, in a pause during one of the pastor’s speeches, I felt chills roll up and down my entire being and the reality of who God really was and is dawned upon me. It was similar to that feeling you get when you’re floating in the air after just jumping off the diving board, or that stomach drop feeling when going down the first hill of a rollercoaster. It was excitement and a breath of fresh air, but it was much more than that. It was the start of something big and beautiful.

After coming into a real relationship with Jesus Christ, it has been a rollercoaster. Scratch that – like Bilbo Baggin’s adventure out of the Shire, or Jon Snow’s quest to take back Winterfell, or heck, even when Harry Potter is told that he’s a wizard for the first time. Scary, awesome, wonderful and most of all, fulfilling. A new adventure every day. I’m not as busy, but I now know why I do everything I do: for God and His glory. I know I don’t have to do everything in order to be enough, or loved, because I’m already loved. Even though each day brings with it new obstacles and challenges, and things to deter me from God, I see the reason for it. And I choose God everyday, despite what the world tells me to do, or how hard it may be in the moment.

God is great. He is the truth. The truth that no amount of philosophy, logical reasoning and analyzing, busy work, or anything else will ever fill. Doing the work of God is beautiful, and fulfilling. The end of this story, but really the beginning can be summarized straight from God. “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on Him, God the father has placed his seal of approval.” (John 6:27).  

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