Megan Stannard

  Time. It passes by rapidly. Days seem like weeks. Weeks like months. And months like years. Time is out of our control. Time brings pain, and joy, and depression, and love, and anxiety, and redemption, and peace, and the unexpected. And change. As we look to the past we can see the marvelous amounts of change that has taken… Read more →

Jake Money

Relationships have always been the focus of my time, and the friendships and connections I’ve fostered with people over the years are some of the things in my life that I value the most. I don’t have a typical “coming to Christ” story because he has always been a factor in my life. When I was little, attending church was… Read more →

Emily Metzger

I grew up in a home that practiced religion, but it was just that, religion. It was not much deeper than going to church on Sundays and going to classes at my church on Wednesday nights. Through elementary, I had a pretty easy life. I had two parents who loved me, I was a good student, and I started being… Read more →

Nate Glaze

Trusting God is perhaps a very scary life choice. You are giving up control over your life for trust in the almighty God of the universe. Trusting that He knows what is best and will work all things in your life for good and to bring glory to him. I came to know Christ at a young age and growing… Read more →

Hannah Ryan

I’ve always believed in God – maybe not acknowledging His existence but knowing He was always there. I grew up Catholic, but sheltered. I didn’t know that much about my faith or who God was even though I went to Catholic schools and went to mass every Sunday, and every holy day of obligation. It wasn’t until I transferred to… Read more →

Josh Roeloffs

Initiative is something I have always valued. I like to show initiative, and I really appreciate it when others show initiative to me or something we are working on. Throughout “my story” and throughout my spiritual journey, I have found the importance of initiative in my relationship with my savior. Christianity was very familiar to me throughout my life. I… Read more →

Paul Keefer

My name is Paul Keefer. I’m 21 years old and I am a Christian. But I want to tell you how I got here and why I’m still there. I grew up in Cincinnati in a religious home, with three older brothers and two great parents. Life didn’t bring many struggles early on; I enjoyed the privilege of living in… Read more →

Maddie Brown

I grew up in a very small town in central Indiana. In that town, everybody went to church. You showed up so that you kept your reputation as the “good Christian family”. I went to church every Sunday because I had no other choice, it was part of my family’s weekly routine. I would participate in Sunday school but would… Read more →

Alicia Bloomster

Growing up in the church, I don’t have one of those amazing life transformation stories that you hear so often. I never had a drug addiction, my parents are still together, and I had an overall normal life. So why would someone like me, who seems to have everything together, need a savior? How could my life be changed by… Read more →

Ashley Dagostino

I was baptized as an infant, but my family wasn’t very religious, so I eventually strayed and became an atheist. I went through many changes, and ultimately identified as a transgender man. I was depressed, had many issues, and was going to commit suicide my freshman year of college. However, God saved me, but I still didn’t believe and I… Read more →

Courtney Wendel

My name is Courtney Wendel, and this is my changed life story. Throughout my life I have lived a pretty easy Christian life. I grew up in a good church, with a good family, and  good friends.  Throughout it all, I remained strong in my faith. However, last year during my sophomore year of college, my faith was tested in… Read more →

Erin Holt

For most of my life, my focus has constantly been on what others think of me, and because of this, I have always had difficulty accepting my true identity. When I came to college, I desperately wanted to find a sense of belonging in such an unfamiliar place like Bowling Green. I got involved in many different organizations in order… Read more →

Cherie Hastings

Well, hey there! You’ve come across the title of this article, and are either curious, amused, confused, or a mix of all three. Well, I’m just an average person, like you. And you’re not alone because I’ve felt a mix of all those feelings, plus more, when I first learned about who Jesus Christ really was, and what that means… Read more →

Nick Biere

I have grown up in the church my whole life, but never really understood what it meant to place my identity in God. Through high school, I labeled myself in many different ways: as an athlete, as an honors student, as a photographer, and as a musician. For a long time I was searching for a group of people or… Read more →

Emma McDermott

Growing up in the church, I always believed in God. I always knew He was there, and knew He was good. However, I never really understood what that meant until my junior year of high school. Everything I knew about Christ changed for me in one night when I was asked the question: “What is one question you don’t want… Read more →

Josh Hill

All my life I’ve talked the talk, but I’ve never really walked the walk. While I have been consistent in my studies and extra-curriculars, I have been inconsistent in my faith. While I came to Christ around age 5 in my kitchen with my mom, I never truly grasped the concept of faith, nor did I pursue it. Instead, I… Read more →

Jessica Jimison

Growing up, I always felt like I was missing something. I was raised in a non-practicing Christian home. I never really understood who God is, but I wanted to. I spent middle school and high school going through different phases and hobbies aimlessly trying to feel fulfilled. I was lonely, anxious, and unsatisfied. In my freshman year of high school,… Read more →

Lizzie Ritter

Hi I’m Lizzie, and I am a senior music education major at BGSU. Throughout my entire life, I have chased perfectionism in order to try to fill my need for fulfillment/happiness. Whether put on me by my family, society around me, or even myself, I have always felt the weight of rules I must follow and expectations I must surpass… Read more →

Reagan McCloud

Hi, my name is Reagan (yes, like the president) and this is my Changed Life Story. I wasn’t raised in Church. I went to church until I was about 5 years old. I’m not sure why we stopped attending, but I didn’t care much because it meant I could sleep in on the weekends and didn’t have to endure the… Read more →

Monica Yost

Who am I? What am I doing here?   Growing up, I defined myself by my father’s job as a music pastor or by my family’s dedication to the Church and God. I believed everyone expected me to be the perfect little Christian girl. I only answered questions I knew the answer to, and I never missed Church or Bible… Read more →

Sarah Selzer

My identity in high school could be summarized as “Sarah the Overachiever”. I loved being busy and important and I felt my stress made me worthy of admiration.   When I came to college the individual pieces changed, but my identity of overachieving still remained the same. As an introvert, I found it hard to have deep friendships when I didn’t… Read more →

Brody Sell

Growing up,  I always felt like I never belonged. It seemed that no matter who I would try to talk to, I would be met with disapproval, and disappoint. Even at a young age, this pervasive thought that something was wrong with me lingered in the back of my mind. I would try to grow close to people, to earn… Read more →

Tia Hicks

As I was growing up, I wholeheartedly believed that I needed to do things to achieve God’s love. I believed that if I didn’t do certain things or did other things that I would forever be condemned to a life of punishment from God. Out of this, I searched for perfection in my grades and in my relationship with my… Read more →

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