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Changed Lives, Changing Lives. 

Life is full of change. 

You’re born a tiny little 8 pound human being and you begin to take your first steps.  One foot in front of the other.  Slowly but surely.  Then you start running — one foot in front of the other with just a bit more confidence.  Then you strap on your cool new backpack and your mom, teary-eyed, snaps a picture of you in front of the bus, and you’re off!  You start preschool.  And, before you know it, you’ve got braces and an awkward boyfriend, and you wonder when your acne will go away.  Then comes high school, and that awkward boyfriend somehow breaks your heart into pieces and you wonder if you’ll make the Prom court and who your date will be to the dance.  You begin submitting college applications, wondering just where you might end up for the next four years.  You walk your high school stage in your cap and gown, grab your diploma, sing your high school fight song one last time, you snap a million pictures with the friends you might not ever see again and you wonder how you got here.  “How did I ever get to graduation?”  “How is it possible that I’m going to college?”  And you start to freak out a little.

You’re so different today than you were 18 years ago.  Your life has changed. 

Your parents have taught you the best they knew how.  Your friends have made their mark on your life with laughter, tears, and memories.  Your heartbreaks have made you stronger.  And your spirit has been shaped by every person you’ve met. 

Everyone of us is a changed life.  None of us go through life unchanged. 

We at Cru believe your time in college will be one of the times of your life that change you most.  Cru wants to help you make sense of your life’s changes.  

Because of that, we ask, why not allow God to be the one who changes you?  You’ll have a million competing forces on campus vying for your attention, why not consider giving God your attention?

You’ll find yourself at BGSU rubbing shoulders with people who are so unlike you, you didn’t even know those types of people existed.  You’ll learn from professors who disagree with everything your parents have ever taught you.  You’ll become a fraternity brother to men who have never heard of your hometown.  And you might even room with someone who doesn’t speak your language.  Your whole world is chaos and sometimes it feels like your world got flipped upside down.  Why not allow God to help you make sense of it all?

We believe God wants to change your life.  From our vantage point, God wants to give you joy, peace, clarity, hope, and a future. 

Who we are at Cru is a bunch of sincere lives changed by God hoping to change others’ lives.  We believe God is the best news for everyone everywhere in the world, and we want to give everyone at BGSU a chance to know and experience the God we’ve experienced.
Open your eyes.  He might just be too good to pass up….. 

That’s us.  We are changed lives ready to hear your thoughts and questions — poised to journey with you wherever you might find yourself.

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